An important part of the certificate program is your Life Journal.

The word journal comes from the French word jour, day, which means light and is also the source of the word journey.  A journal, thus, can be seen as facilitating a journey into the light.

It is a Life Journal for various reasons.  First and foremost, because its focus is your life.  Second, because it is a living, breathing document that can accommodate your reflections, actions, and inspirations.  Finally, it can remain with you for life.  The Certificate in Happiness Studies is not merely a year-long journey towards a happier life, but is rather a part of a life-time journey of growth and development.

The material included in the Life Journal can provide for years of reading, writing and reflection.  A year is not long enough for you to complete all the activities recommended in the GEM, GEM+ and GEM++.  Moreover, you will reap great benefits from repeating many of the activities—whether the readings, writing exercises, guided meditations, and so on.  It is through repetition, it is by taking a deeper dive into the content provided by the Life Journal, that you can climb higher up on the spiral of learning, and thus more fully internalize the content.  You can also use the Life Journal as a reference or a guidebook for sharing what you’ve learned with friends, family, colleagues, or students.  After all, one of the best ways to learn is to teach.

The Life Journal is your companion on the life-time journey you’re embarking on with the Certificate Program in Happiness Studies.

Life Journal - Introduction to Happiness Studies

Life Journal - Facilitating Happiness